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This is a strange thing: Are Haitians the Children of an inferior god?

Jamaican government authority meets and greets a dry-clothed Haitian refugee.

This is a strange thing: 1.0 Jamaica's Head of State is a Practicing Seventh Day Adventist Deputizing for a

Christian in England.

2.0 Jamaica's Head of Government is a Practicing Seventh Day Adventist.

3.0 Jamaica's Speaker of Parliament is a Practicing Seventh Day Adventist.

4.0 Jamaica's Head of the Civil Service is a Practicing Seventh Day Adventist.

5.0 Jamaica has and had Several Ministers of Government Practicing Seventh Day Adventists.

6.0 Jamaica's Head of the Judiciary is a Practicing, Born Again Baptist and Eminent Jurist.

7.0 Jamaica has several high Government Officials and the Opposition leadership who are members of Swallowfield Gospel Fellowship, (Christian Brethren) pastored by an attorney-at-law for decades.

To me, Law-Breaking, Cruelty, Immorality, and Two-faced Pretied-up Barbarity are among the last things that I could ever expect from Jamaica's Political Class/Legal Luminaries under such distinguished leadership. Jesus, tek dis case, ah beg yuh.

Here's, the thing: The decision by the Jamaican government to repatriate the 35 Haitians who arrived in Portland on Sunday is a breach of international law and a moral outrage. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have issued directives for states to suspend the forced return of Haitians, and the 2023 UN Humanitarian Response Plan states that the country is facing a humanitarian crisis.

The Jamaican government has a legal and moral obligation to protect the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers. The principle of non-refoulement is enshrined in international law, and it prohibits states from returning individuals to a country where they would face a real risk of persecution. The Jamaican government is also a signatory to the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, which guarantees the right of asylum-seekers to a fair and efficient procedure for determining their refugee status.

In addition to its legal obligations, the Jamaican government also has a moral obligation to help the Haitian people. Haiti is facing a humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need of food, water, and shelter. The country is also plagued by violence and gang activity. To return Haitians to their homeland under these circumstances is to put them in grave danger. The Jamaican government's decision to repatriate the 35 Haitians is a violation of international law and a moral outrage. The government must immediately reverse this decision and allow the Haitians to remain in Jamaica until their asylum claims can be processed fairly and efficiently. Do you see what I mean, Sister Elaine of the JUGGCC?

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