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A-QuEST's Services in Preparing You for College

A-QuEST's Services in Preparing You for College

  • Learn ways to display your talents, school and extra-curricular achievements and activities to GREAT colleges!
  • Get help with your Financial Aid Applications !
  • Choose univerisities that truly meet your needs and degree dreams!
  • Be prepared for college life
  • Illustrate who you are with thorough guidance on creating CommonApp and supplemental personal essays, personal inventories for undergraduates and your CVs for graduate work!
  • Reach the 99th ACT percentile or a perfect 1500- 1600 SAT Score  with impactful reasoning test preparation and much more....
  • Thorough College Preparation at One Cost

    A-QuEST College Coaching is an excellent program, which you pay for with a single one-time fee. High school students and graduates can stay with the program for up to 4 YEARS. So if you start in Grade 10 or higher grades, and/or go through a gap year, your time in the program is not to be disturbed with additional pop-up fees. 

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