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Was This Right?

Dear Fellow Jamaicans, Strange Week. Was this right? Please, read on:

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Our Kith and Kin Mean Nothing When Jamaica Betrays Poor Blood Cousins Who Live In Haiti. Neither Does International Law Here are Just 41 family names that are commonly shared between Haitians and Eastern Jamaicans: Dupont, Pierre, Darien, Desir, Félix, Joseph(s), Lafleur, Auguste, Toussaint, Michel (Mitchel), Léger, Louis, Baptiste, César, Francis, Laurent, Laurence (Lawrence), St. Louis, Alexandre, Alexis, Antoine, Belizaire, Bernard, Charles, Denis, Dufresne, Dumas, Etienne, Gaston, Gilbert, Guillaume, Jacques, Jean , Jeanty, Jerome, Julien, Lebrun, Maingot (Minott), Noel, Pierre-Antoine, Pierre-Louis, Saintil, Sainvil, Simon, Sylvain, Theodore. These surnames highlight the historical connections and shared ancestry between the two nations, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry that binds Haitians and Jamaicans together. Through a common heritage, these family names serve as a testament to the intertwined history, the strong blood lines and cultural exchange between Haiti and Jamaica, reinforcing the evidence that we are more alike than different, despite geographical separation by 100 miles of sea--closer than St Vincent is to Barbados. BTW 1, did the JDF and Law Enforcement have time to consult their Legal Officers about the justness of their instructions and their actions in the context of this particular matter? Furthermore, were the Police, PICA and the Ministry of National Security aware that lawyers wished to intervene and speak to the second boat of 36 Haitians? Did they ignore the request and stealthily repatriate them at 3am on a JDF vessel? And is it still true that Jamaica and Haiti are, you guessed it, the two poorest Caribbean Countries? Perhaps what still survives of Haiti's Government should robustly resist any involvement of Jamaica's Forces and Persons of Eminence in their affairs for now. They could have ulterior designs on your population and territory. Many over here have "Gentrified Consciences" when engaged with weakened and wretched Poor Haitians, next door. Standard and Poor's matters more. Kèk chwal Jamaiken yo se Twa'wòn, kouzin mwen. Certains chevaux jamaïcains sont des Trojans, mes cousins. C'est a dire: Some Jamaican horses are Trojans, my cousins. Amen!

Thank you for the benefit of your time. Regards, Dennis A. Minott, Tel/ WhatsApp: (876) 418 0418

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