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Dr. Minott, in all fairness, Jamaica has done more than enough over the years, and particularly, for these new Haitians. Jamaica is having serious problems with crime, fraud, and is hardly better off than the Haitians who are seeking refuge here.

The GOOD NEWS is that the new Prime Minister has just been called to Washington for Meetings, the Rebels have disappeared, (probably taken up residence here, illegally ) Haiti has returned to normalcy. So no need to worry about them, see how you can help Jamaicans who are enduring some harsh realities. "Parson christen him pickney first", we must solve our own problems before we try to take on other people's own. Jamaicans are enduring severe hardships.

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  • D @Dennis A Minott, PhD  wisdom40 a day ago Dear Wisdom40,Thank you for engaging with my article and sharing your perspective. I appreciate your concern for Jamaica's challenges, which are indeed significant. However, I'd like to respectfully address some points in your comment. Firstly, while Jamaica has indeed provided support to Haitians over the years, the situation in Haiti remains dire. The recent calm in Haiti is fragile, and many Haitians, including orphans with disabilities and their caregivers, still face severe hardships. It's important to note that compassion and addressing domestic issues aren't mutually exclusive. Your statement about rebels disappearing and Haiti returning to normalcy oversimplifies a complex situation. While there have been positive developments, Haiti's challenges persist, and many Haitians continue to seek safety elsewhere. The principle of "Parson christen him pickney first" is understandable, but it's worth considering that helping others and addressing our own issues can often go hand in hand. International cooperation and compassion can lead to mutual benefits and shared solutions. Regarding Jamaican hardships, I wholeheartedly agree that these need constant attention. However, treating others with compassion doesn't diminish our ability to address domestic issues. In fact, fostering a culture of empathy can strengthen our community and potentially lead to innovative solutions for our own challenges. Let's continue this important dialogue, focusing on how we can build a stronger Jamaica while also being among the beacons of hope in our region. Our shared Caribbean heritage calls us to support one another, even as we work to improve conditions at home. Suppose coming storms were to deal Jamaica a very bad hand later this hurricane season. What should nearby nations do by way of compassion...."in fairness"? Your Maroon Friend, Dennis Minott.

Thank you for the benefit of your time. 

Kind regards,

Dennis A. Minott

July 1, 2024

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