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EDITORIAL : 'Pride' Flags, Climate Change and Mass-Production of Guns

Dear OUR TODAY Editor,

'Pride' Flags, Climate Change and Mass-Production of Guns by America.

As a responsible Jamaican citizen, I am unwilling to support the flying of LGBTQ flags by US government institutions here in Jamaica. My concerns lie in the potential impact on our youth and cultural values. I stand in solidarity with Dr. Wayne West and Dr. Daniel Thomas, representing Christian advocacy groups, who have welcomed the recent US House vote banning the 'Pride' flag at US embassies. I see this decision as an embrace for democracy and national sovereignty. Both thinkers stress the importance of respecting each nation's right to determine its cultural norms and laws, pointing out the discord caused by the 'Pride' flag in Jamaica, especially during events like Jamaica's Emancipation (Man-freeing) celebrations. The prohibition on displaying the 'Pride' flag at US embassies resonates with those of us who believe that promoting that flag conflicts somewhat with wholesome values, Jamaican laws, and the island's sovereignty. Dr. West and Dr. Thomas express appreciation for the ban, citing concerns about LGBTQ ideology and the importance of upholding traditional values. They commend the American House of Representatives for acknowledging diverse cultural perspectives and refraining from imposing controversial ideas on other nations. To me, this is a step towards safeguarding national identity and values, particularly amidst some evolving global trends that may challenge established beliefs that have historically served Jamaica well and are widely supported by evidence-based animal biology, especially in mammals. In my view, LGBTQ advocacy and practices are posing a threat to species survival, akin to the impact of climate change. For too long, the US, despite its blessings, has been among the planet's most prominent contributors to such existential threats to human well-being. Is it too much to hope that the US House can soon start showing similar understanding and mercy for nations like Jamaica that do not mass-produce firearms in factories?

Thank you for the benefit of your time. 

by Dennis A. Minott, PhD.

March 28, 2024

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