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COMMENTARY: "Tempo" Has Not Departed.

Dear Editor,

"Tempo" has not departed. This Jamaican celebrates Marcia Erskine with joy. I knew her as a bright reporter in both the Guardian and later the new Express newspaper in T&T.

We were young then. We had a private joke with which we always greeted each other. We would salute each other with the uniquely Trini Caiso and Steelband word "tempo" meaning "Ah want to beat a paan; Ah want to play mas'; Ah feelin di feelin' guirl; Ah feelin di feelin Mista!

Marcia was one of the sweetest, most consistent persons that I ever knew. For a time we were neighbours in Jamaica and as her daughter attended A-QuEST successfully, I learnt to revel in another side of my lifelong friend from Trinidad days.

What a woman! What a beautiful "Tempo" she brought to life.

The Caribbean, her family and I miss Marcia's Tempo.

T E M P O.....Always

From the land of Trinidad, where Tempo beats with pride,A celebration of life, where memories reside.My dear departed friend, so beautiful and true,In every rhythm and rhyme, we remember you.With laughter and joy, we honor your grace,In the dance of life, your spirit we embrace.Like a melody that lingers in the tropical air,Your presence is felt, beyond time and despair.In the colors of Carnival, your essence shines bright,A symphony of love, in even a trying plight.So let us raise a cheer, to the memories we hold dear,In this celebration of Tempo, Marcia was always so clear.

Thank you for the benefit of your time. 

by Dennis A. Minott, PhD

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