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COMMENTARY - Re: Fw: Champs Again: Thanking Major Basil Jarrett

Dear Dr. Minott,

Warmest greetings, and thank you for your kind words regarding yesterday's column in the GLEANER. I am truly heartened to hear that the piece resonated with you, especially given your commendable background as a former athlete, KC Old Boy and an academic who has been able to successfully straddle both the academic and sporting worlds.

The echoes of support I've since received from persons such as yourself not only underscore the importance of the issues addressed but also serve as a call for a broader discourse on high school sports. I believe that it is a conversation that should extend beyond the stadium, reaching into the very fabric of our educational system and its approach to fostering young minds.

As my friend Muggy Graham likes to say, "sports is not just for the sportsmen" as even the scholars, the artists and the students of limited athletic ability can take away immense life lessons from sports. I would like to encourage you therefore to continue your advocacy for an educational paradigm that equally cherishes academic prowess, leadership skills, and athletic excellence as we strive to ensure that our schools are incubators of well-rounded individuals, equipped not only with the physical prowess to win races but with the intellectual acumen and character to navigate life's broader challenges.

Once again, thank you for your commendable support. It is only through such mutual reinforcement that we can hope to inspire change and create an educational landscape that values the development of all aspects of our youth.

With sincere appreciation and in solidarity,

Major Basil Jarrett

by Dennis A Minott, PhD.

March 22, 2024

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