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In the darkness of the night, injustice takes its flight,Haitian souls in plight, denied their basic right.Jamaica's shores, a beacon dimmed, where hope should brightly gleam,Refugees' silent scream, lost in a broken dream.CARICOM unity, a promise unfulfilled,As hearts with sorrow filled, seek justice to rebuild.Reggae rhythms cry out loud, for those in chains unbowed,In the name of love avowed, let's let humanity be proud.Malene C. Alleyne's poignant column sheds light on the distressing plight of Haitian asylum seekers at the hand of Jamaica's authorities, highlighting critical procedural flaws and a concerning disregard for international law. The lack of due process, the absence of consideration for children's best interests, and the failure to provide adequate reasons in the applicants' native language are deeply troubling. The escalating mistreatment of Haitian migrants, including arbitrary detentions and forced returns, starkly contradicts Jamaica's obligations under international refugee law.I wholeheartedly echo Miss Alleyne's call for urgent reforms in Jamaica's asylum procedure, emphasizing the imperative need for a rights-based approach that upholds the principle of non-refoulement. Furthermore, the Caribbean Community must unite to safeguard the rights of Haitian refugees and asylum seekers, ensuring their protection and integration in line with humanitarian principles and international solidarity.It is imperative that Jamaica and regional stakeholders establish a coordinated platform to address the humanitarian needs of Haitian refugees effectively. The international community must rally behind this cause to prevent further injustices against vulnerable populations fleeing persecution. Miss Alleyne's advocacy serves as a crucial reminder that compassion, respect for human dignity, and adherence to legal obligations must guide our treatment of those seeking refuge and safety.As regent of A-Q, I fully endorse this princeling's exemplary sacrificial life of righteousness and prudence. Campionites and Fortis men, in particular must also proudly support her in this quest to preserve human life and liveliness itself. Maroons of the East understand precisely what she is doing and boil at what is happening to our kith and kin with whom we continue to share so much albeit through our very Jamaican feelings of hurt and horror.

If only Bob were alive to put these thoughts to song. 

Any takers?

By Dennis A Minott, PhD.

March 3, 2024

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