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COMMENTARY 1.0: Church Group Urges Swift Resolution...

21_18_18_25, you are absolutely correct, and our government's actions are deeply troubling, to the extent that they appear to violate both local and international laws, not to mention being morally reprehensible.

Jamaica Observer: Dr Elaine McCarthy chairman of the Jamaica Umbrella Groups of Churches (JUGC)

Frankly, it is high time the JUGGCC considers the possibility of collectively disfellowshipping and formally distancing itself from any church members, whether they are in Haiti or here, who have either encouraged or actively participated in the cruel and Nazi-like actions that Haitians are tragically experiencing in their own country.

This situation has now been worsened by the strange new slick and prettied-up barbarity of Jamaica's indifferent authorities and blatantly inhumane leadership toward desperate Haitian refugees.

This is a moment that calls for moral clarity and decisive action within our community, JUGGCC.

We should not only consider distancing ourselves from those who perpetrate such actions but also urgently explore ways to provide aid and support to the Haitian people during this time of their pain and travail. It is through our collective efforts that we can make a positive impact and advocate for justice and humanity, Sister Elaine, Sister Elaine, Sister Elaine.

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