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A-QuEST offers College Scholarship Preparation Programme Discount!!

Updated: Jun 30

++Additional Discount for Haitian students in Grade 12 living in Haiti.

Published: Sunday | June 30, 2024 | 12:08 AM

35% off A-QuEST College & University Advising Program

A-QuEST is calling on high schools of Jamaica and CARICOM territories to avail of a 35 per cent on The College Preparation Program's fees, which is available for:

  • Head Boys

  • Head Girls

  • Head Prefects

  • Deputy Head Boys

  • Deputy Head Girls

  • Student Council Presidents

  • Upper-Sixth Valedictorians

The prerequisite is to provide written verification of leadership status on school letterhead from principal/vice principal of the institution; and recommendation from sixth form coordinator. The benefits include personalised coaching for academic scholarship success

The deadline for application is July 9. For further information, see 'What is A-QuEST?' below and visit A-QuEST's website: or contact them via:

Phone: (876) 418-0418

WhatsApp: (876) 338-6160


#NOTE: What is A-QuEST?

A-QuEST is a private, holistic college preparation program that prepares Caribbean students to enter the world's top universities. Participants can be any age over 16.

Most of the participants are final year high school students, along with college graduates of a range of majors, and are annually benefiting from online sessions that advise in valuable time management and critical thinking skills, college financial aid coaching, emotional intelligence, advanced college essay writing, advising on university selection, and in employing good MOOCs

(🔍Research This Term) for their distinctive success in college/university and beyond.

The A-QuEST team, led by Dr Dennis Minott, BSc, PhD. are also intensive SAT and ACT coaches and have assisted quite a few post-graduate work candidates in CV composition, for the university of their choice.

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